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(It's been like a month since we went, so I've probably missed out a lot.)

In November me and :iconstuckinherdaydream: [Natalie] and Ayla went to a Christmas market and it was SO GOOD!?!?! 

First day

We got the train down to Manchester. Waiting on various train stations in freezing weather is not fun at all and if anyone says they enjoy the cold, especially when they're tired are LYING. Nothing interesting really happened here to be honest??? Just waiting, yeah, okay, umm...

We got to Manchester at 7:30pm and more or less got lost in the station. It was very uncomfortable, but there were these ramp things and a moving floor(???) which seemed really, really pointless? (it didn't stop us going on it.....multiple times............. hah) Eventually, we found the way to the metrolink and got on the train to the hotel.

 While looking for where we were staying, my mum said something along the lines of "it should be around here?" There was a massive Premier Inn logo, in lights, directly in front of her. Sigh. 

 You never realise how cold it is until you're inside because the hotel reception was like a sauna. We got our own room too. This was a HUGE mistake to leave three teenage girls in a room, with money, access to food and TV. You know it would never go well.

Once we got to the room, Ayla took the double bed for herself because she is satan, so Natalie and I got the two single beds with the mains plugs near them. Ha, we won.

We went looking for food, aka looking at a menu, pointing at random, and saying 'this'.
We walked down to the restaurant in the hotel, and our waiter was called Michael. He was 'Michael' to everyone, but 'mICHAEL!!!!!11!11!!1' to us<333 But he told us to shout for him if we needed anything, and the food was amazing, so all we could shout would be 'mICHAEL!!!! THE FOOD WAS AMAZING!!!!!' but this never happened. 
(The food was amazing)

We went back to our room, with oreos, of course. Then we decided to look for 999: What's Your Emergency (because it's heart wrenching pain, but really addictive) but it wASN'T ON?!?! But then McBusted and it was like our childhoods had collided into one and it was the best thing ever!! 
After that, we went for a walk, and met Michael again, but we were in our pyjamas. It was so uncomfortable, oh god, why?!!?!? Uncomfortably laughing through the whole experience.

We all went back to the room and Natalie drew some pretty festive things, hence;

A reindeer or dinosaur?…

What God did on the seventh day:…

Such a pretty Nativity Scene:…

2am art is the best art. There is no explanation for them. We left them all in the room. Hopefully mICHAEL and the other staff will enjoy them!

God knows what time it was when we went to sleep. Probably too late since we had to get up at 9am. Oops.

Second Day 

(The last day even though my mum said it was until Sunday, then starts to deny it?!)

After instantly regretting going to bed so late the following night, we all slowly (half an hour later) rolled out of bed as my mum nearly broke down the door to wake us up:))) 

Like an hour late, we got out of the room (oh well) and walked to the metrolink to go to the market. 

The market itself was a lot busier than expected? There was hardly any room to move. We agreed a place to meet up with my parents and at a certain time (this was easier said than done) Then we walked off to see what we could buy for people.

First stop, food courts (because it was just there and it was around midday.) It was reasonably empty so we decided to come back later once we'd walked around a bit more. Finding the exit was probably too hard. There's a reason we should not be left alone anyway. We will get lost, even if there were 3 of us, all with phones which had GPS.
Yes, this day was 75% of us just getting very lost in the Arndale Centre and very confused in a lift.

We eventually found our way out and walked into the market. The only plan we had was to buy cheap-ish things for friends and/or family.
In the first hour/2 hours we didn't buy anything except little snack thing, because:
1. everything was so expensive,

Okay, that's a lie, Natalie and Ayla bought some really nice scarves, and I'm still slightly jealous.

We managed to lose the Arndale Centre. We lost a massive, white building. We couldn't find it for ages?! (Orienteering and map reading and anything involving finding things is not one of our skills) BUT WE FOUND IT AGAIN, AND EVERYTHING WAS OKAY! 
It was getting kind of late now, and we were hungry. We tried (TRIED) to find the food court again. All we knew was that it was around the Arndale Centre place, so we went in there. We guessed it was on the top floor, so we found a lift. Ha. Lifts are easy things to use, they go up and down, there isn't much to them really, but if you are us, you can get stuck in it, going up and down the same floors for over a century (probably 10 minutes max, but it was unbearable) It would have been okay if it was a normal lift, but no. This lift had to be glass. Everyone could see us. To make it worse, it was around lunch, so it was crowded.
We went to the top floor (a car park) first, and Ayla decided to get off. We do not own a car, we can't drive, no one brought a car, the car was at Wales. This was the first time; we went back up there a good 4 times before we saw this was getting nowhere. Being stuck in the lift just made everything awkward, so the only option was to laugh about it and to try and not look too ill.
Who needs rollercoasters when you have lifts?!
We more or less ran out of the lift when we got out. Yeah, no more lifts.

We all walked out of the shopping centre again and started for the food court again. 

What left like an eternity later, we found the food court, finally. There were some amazing noodle things there. Of course, we didn't order quickly, we had a full discussion, a meeting and a vote (?!) but we settled for the noodles. Pretty sure they poured a whole bottle of hot sauce and a few million chillies in there because it was so spicy, but so nice and it was a constant battle of two wills. To eat it, be happy but a burning mouth or not eat it, be hungry, but have feeling in your mouth. It was a tough decision<////3 The daily struggles of teenagers these days.

We had to buy something this time, anything but food. There were loads of really nice things there to buy, but they were either too expensive, big or no one we knew would want them. Sigh. 
While walking around the stalls, we saw an old sweet shop which sold American sweets too. 
Ayla ended up buying some cookie dough drop things (300% sure there was some sort of alcohol in them, they were genuinely disgusting, but we still ate them all while saying how horrible they were)

Eventually we did buy something! 
Natalie and I bought a candle thing, and it's so pretty?! 

It was around time to go home:((((((((((((

There was hardly anything we wanted to buy, but my mum and dad still managed to have 10+ bags of Christmas presents!?!? There are two types of people in this world.

Yay train, yay!

It was time to go home, ugh. This meant going back to a freezing station again. Don't they have enough money to buy heating or something because Manchester's stations are like freezers. 
(A lot of waiting here, nothing really happened, um...)
The train arrived, eventually. We got on and started to play 'Icon Pop Quiz' on Natale's iPad. It got very odd around there. 
There was on picture of some high heels, and Ayla said, loudly 'SEX AND THE CITY?!' the train was really full. 
Me and Natalie cried. It was too funny. People gave us odd looks, but it didn't matter. IT WILL BE FUNNY FOREVER.

It was around 10 when we got back home. It was really fun and I WANT TO GO BACK OH MY GOD!!

(The end)


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